Sweet Seduction Boxed Set

Sweet Seduction Boxed Set


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Book Summary

In 2014 A Sweet Life, the boxed set curated by Brenda Novak’s Online Auction for Diabetes Research, raised $100 000. This year we’re back for a second helping, and you can indulge too! This stunning limited edition collection features thirteen BRAND NEW contemporary romances by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling authors...
You can make a difference while you read! All proceeds from the sale of Sweet Seduction will be donated to the Diabetes Research Institute via Brenda Novak’s Online Auction for Diabetes Research.

Featuring a foreword and a bonus book by New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Renee Jones.

From New York Times bestselling Author Lexi Blake comes LUSCIOUS, a novella set in her Masters and Mercenaries world. When Macon Miles meets sweet waitress Alison Jones, he knows she’s trouble, but he can’t imagine how her secrets will rock his world.

Sparks fly in Texas when a soldier comes home to the girl he left behind in New York Times bestselling author Mari Carrs WAITING FOR YOU.

Sex. Lies. Romance. Love. My life has it all. I do what I want, when I want and no one can stop me. This isnt a story of how I found my prince. Or my how my prince found me. This is my life. My diary. This is the true diary of that girl. CONFESSIONS OF A SEXAHOLIC by New York Times bestselling author JS Cooper.

New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards revisits Tag and McKenna, a power couple who have gone from infatuation to adoration in ADORED (Club Destiny #7.5).

New York Times bestselling author Karen Erickson presents RED HOT NIGHTS a brand new, very sexy contemporary romance about finding love in the most unexpected places...

When love is determined, it will always find a way. From New York Times bestselling author Megan Hart comes PERFECTLY RECKLESS, a new novel about love, lust, loss and rediscovery between two people who should never have fallen in love…or out of it.

Spend some time with Nikki and Damien Stark in this sexy and sensual bonus story SEDUCE ME in J. Kenner’s STARK EVER AFTER series of novellas.

When Random Acts of Crazys bass player, Joe Ross, gets injured in an unfortunate sex act that gains nationwide coverage, its tatted-up Tyler (aka Frown) to the rescue for their first big concert. THE RANDOM TOUR: LOS ANGELES by New York Times bestselling author Julia Kent.

For fans of such films as Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Wild Things comes a ménage romance posing the question, can two men share the same woman forever? UNCONVENTIONAL (The Manhattanites) by Avery Aster.

With INDECISION, Elisabeth Grace brings you another hot story with heart that follows a small towns wild child and the police officer who tries to tame her--he has no idea what hes in for.

From New York Times bestselling author Lauren Hawkeye comes THE BILLIONAIRE YOU KNOW, the newest tale in her bestselling Billionaire series.

In STICKY by New York Times bestselling author Nina Lane, a plate of sugar cookies sparks an edgy, red-hot affair between married PTO president Madeline Collins and the hot, new school principal, who teaches her a very dirty lesson.

From New York Times bestselling author Roni Loren comes WANDERLUST, the story of a magazine writer who needs to land the big story and the bad boy rockstar who’s determined to protect his band’s secrets. His plan? Get her off her game by getting her into his bed.

And bonus book HOT SECRETS by Lisa Renee Jones

Don’t forget to check out SWEET TALK and SWEET DREAMS, two more limited edition collections from Brenda Novak’s Online Auction for Diabetes Research... read and help the fight against diabetes!

Reader Reviews
  •    Felkree Guardarraya
    Luscious by Lexi Blake /////
    Luscious is an intersection of Lexi Blake's Topped and Masters and Mercenaries series.

    Macon Miles served his country gladly, though his return to civilian life has not been easy, to say the least. A mission gone sideways costs him his leg, his wife, and his life as he knew it. As he struggles to find his place in the world again, he ends up working at Top as an assistant pastry chef. Cooking brings him a satisfaction and peace he now craves more than ever.

    Allyson Jones is hired on as a waitress at Top, but she's really there for Macon. Or rather, for the answers only Macon can give her about her brother's death.

    Lexi Blake does a terrific job with Macon and Ally. These two don't have an easy time of it, but the sense of connection they share and the community around them is incredible. While you don't have to have read previous stories to enjoy Luscious, you'll likely want to after!
  •    Malam Kotchachian
    ~.:. I Received A Copy Of This Book For An Honest Review .:.~

    LUSCIOUS - Lexi Blake, this was such an amazing story. while i was reading it i could feel the emotions that were written into the works. Macon Miles falls in love with the new waitress who turns out to be someone from his distant past, she is the brother of the solider that took his life while they were trapped under a vehicle. they fall in love and its raw and so intense. until he learns of her lie, that's when everything comes crashing down for him and he must make a choice to forgive the woman who he loves with his entire sole or choose to go back to a life he hates... you shall find out

    WAITING FOR YOU - Mari Carr, Wow what an emotional book. it really pulls on your heart strings. two people who have loved each other for 12 years come back together after he go to the marines. When he finally decides to come back he is suffering from really bad PTSD and accidentally hits Sydney. it was an accident than makes him push her and the ones he loves away, until he can learn to deal with the stress. i loved this book, and i recommend it to everyone

    CONFESSIONS OF A SEXAHOLIC - JS Cooper, Wow... i am in love with this book. the story kept me so entranced that i couldn't put it down. i love how Saskia told her story threw the eyes of a diary. it brought everything into perspective. what a different way to view a book. maybe she didn't get her happily ever after, but she got a baby and a husband who will take care of her. Loved it 100 times over.

    ADORE - Nicole Edwards, this was a very sweet book. i honestly love how they were perfect for each other they take and give equally. the story was 100% romantic, even with a little bit of BDSM. i especially loved how he surprised her with the wedding and had everything planned out for her. if i had my way this would be how i want to get married.

    RED HOT NIGHTS - Karen Erickson, What a perfect book. it was a nice change from the things I've been reading. i love how it was sweet threw and threw. the story line and the characters were a perfect fit for the read, everything down to the names of the characters was unique loved it all.

    PERFECTLY RECKLESS - Megan Hart, This book was a good read. I will admit that sometimes it was hard getting into but u did finish it. And u am glad that Ian came to his senses and choose Maura. Even though threw journey wasn't the smoothest did they did come together in the end. Sometimes it just proves that when you want some thing bad enough sometimes you have to go threw hardships to get there. No matter where the road takes you you will always find your way.

    SEDUCE ME - J Kenner, This book was a quick read. It was romantic and a perfect read. I'm very glad that Nikki and Damian helped Marcy get away from her abusive boyfriend. Love this book. It really pa he'd a punch being a quick read. But sometimes that's all you need.

    RANDOM ON TOUR: LOS ANGELES - Julia Kent, This was by far my favorite book now. its about two people who have broken pasts and feel like they don't fit it. they come together and heal one another. i thought it was written perfectly. loved the story line and the characters. excited to see how the other books turn out.

    UNCONVENTIONAL - Avery Aster, In this book you meet 3 people. A women who has survived breast cancer and her two lovers. The book is very emotional going threw her path to healing her soul. I thought the ending was perfect for this book.

    INDECISION - Elisabeth Grace, Jamie and Jackie's story is one about overcoming ones fear and giving into love. Such a beautifully written book. It has has my emotions all over the place reading it. i was anxious and i was happy and then excited. i heart beat for this book. it was amazing, and i recommend it to everyone. Thank you for that masterpiece of a book <3

    THE BILLIONAIRE YOU KNOW - Lauren Hawkeye, Such a cute and quirky little book. first of all loved that it had alot to offer being a quick read. the story line was interesting and i liked how it played out. had a perfect ending.

    STICKY -Nina Lane, What a beautiful story. it had a loveless marriage with a abusive and cheating husband who thinks he can do what ever er wants. when his wife if left felling unloved and unwanted. Madeline and Ben (Mr.Hunter) the principal of the school where not only her kids go but she is the PTO President. Madeline and Ben's story is beautiful he teaches her to come out of her shell that her husband has forced her into. i will say that i don't believe in cheating or that two wrongs make a right, but this book was very empowering. she overcame her loveless marriage and was able to move on and become a better person for it. Thank you Nine.L for this book. i will cherish it forever

    WONDERLUST - Roni Loren, What a roller coaster of emotions this book was. seriously, it had me laughing almost crying and nervous as hell. the story line was such a beautiful part of it. but the characters and there own stories played into as well. This book was so raw and amazing i had a hard time putting it down. loved every minute reading it. cant wait to read any others like it or by the same author =)

    HOT SECRETS - Lisa Renee Jones, I found this book a perfect ending to an amazing boxset. In this book you have a girl who is amazing at her job, but it recieveing threats, when wher father askes Royce to look nito. but he didnt plan on falling in love with Lauren. Shes stubborn and hes bossy. very good book. hope there is a book for Julie and Lukes Story =)

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